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Founded by legendary engineer and producer Henry Hirsch, Waterfront Studio offers a simple proposition: uncompromising audio quality.

When Henry Hirsch set out to find a space for his new recording studio in 2008, he discovered the perfect location in Hudson, NY: A 19th Century church building with acoustics to rival legendary studios such as Abbey Road, Trident Studios or Olympic Studios. Henry has had a long love affair with recording studios which includes building Lenny Kravitz' Roxie Studio in Miami and an orchestral recording studio for Takeshi Kobayashi in New York. He was also the owner of the prior incarnation of Waterfront Studios when it was located in Hoboken, New Jersey, for many years.

I wanted a facility that gives people privacy to make their music, while also located within a city so that the musicians and my staff are not in isolation. I also wanted a space where people could record with the ability to play all of their music live, and not in an untreated warehouse or an environment that compromises the sound.
— Henry Hirsch

Luckily, the space did not need much acoustic treatment as the previous congregation had already installed acoustic tiles to enhance speech intelligibility during church services. Magically, the large live area in the church has a similar floor space and reverb time to Abbey Road's Studio 2, one of Henry's favorite recording space.


Helios console and 3M 24 track

Helios console and 3M 24 track


1973 Helios Console (26x8x24x2) - 26 discrete inputs with EQ
Ampex MM 1000 (16 tracks) tape machine
3M M79 (24 tracks) tape machine
3M M79 (2 tracks) master deck
Dolby Noise Reduction
Pro-Tools HD 10 w/ Lynx Aurora (32 I/O)
UAD-2 Quad card (with most plugins)
ATC SCM200 Monitors
Altec 604E (1x)
Altec 605A (2x)
Griffin G1 Mastering Monitors
Event 20/20 BAS
Yamaha HS50M


Custom Henry Hirsch Compressor (2x)
Vintage Military Compressor
NTP 179-120 Compressor/Limiter (2x) 
Anamod AM660 (2x)
Pro VLA II Compressor

Vintage Ampex pre-amp (16x)
Anamod A9033 (2x)
Anamod A9031 (2x)
Joe Tritschler custom-designed pre-amp
Henry Hirsch custom-designed Pre-amp (2x)

Chandler EMI TG12345 Curvebender
Custom vintage RCA EQ
Vintage Motown EQs
Vintage EMI EQ

***Effects/Stomp Boxes/DI***
EMT 140 Mono Plate Reverb
EMT 140 Stereo Plate Reverb
Roland SRE-555 Space Echo (original)
TC Electronics 2290 Digital Delay
URSA Major Space Station
TC Electronics D-Two
Roland Dimension D
MXR M126 Flanger/Double
Pioneer SR202w Spring Reverb
Radial JD6 (6 I/O Passive Rackmount DI)
Radial JDI
Radial J48
Radial X-Amp Reamp (2x)
Radial SGI (2x)
Moogerfooger MF-108M Cluster Fux
Moogerfooger Moog MF-105M MuRF
Trek Leslie Preamp Pedal
Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere MKII
Jam Pedal "Whacko Wah"
Jam Pedal "Rippple" Flanger
Vertex Boost
Analog Man buffer pedal (2x)
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Nano (guitar pedal)
Electro-Harmonix Small Clone (guitar pedal)
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff (guitar pedal)
Electro-Harmonix The Mole (guitar pedal)
Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress (guitar pedal)
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay (guitar pedal)
Boss DS-1 Distortion (guitar pedal)


Neumann U47 Tube
Neuman M269C
Neumann KM56 (x3)
Gefell CMV 563
RCA KU3A Ribbon
B&O BM5 Stereo Ribbon
Custom Tannoy Ribbon (4x)
Syncron AU-7 (Fairchild F22) FET Condenser (2x)
Sony C38
Royer 101 Ribbon
B&O Stereo Ribbon
Altec 689A
Altec 684A (2x)
Altec 681A (3x)
Altec 660G
Olson M-169 Stereo microphone
Electro Voice RE-20 (2x)
Electro Voice Shotgun (3x)
Shure SM57 (6x)
Sennheiser MD421 (4x)
Assorted Rare Vintage Dynamic Microphones


Yamaha Oak Custom Kit (10" / 12" / 14" / 16" / 22")
1968 Ludwig Gold Sparkle (13" / 16" / 20")
1964 Ludwig "Beatles" Gold Sparkle Kick 22"
1971 Ludwig kit (14" / 18" /26")
Remo Roto Toms (6" / 8" / 10")
Many, many, many other snares, toms, kicks, etc
DSI Tempest Drum Machine
Machine Micro Drum System
Roland CR78 Drum Machine (vintage original)

Weber 9' 1890 Concert Grand Piano
Erard 8'9" 1880 Concert Grand Piano
Blüthner 6'1 1895 Grand Piano
Moog Voyager (Performer Edition)
Korg PS-3200
Korg MS-20
Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland Juno 60
Yamaha TX-802 (DX7 Rackmount)
Hammond B3 -w- Leslie 122
Roland SVC-350 Vocoder
Crumar Orchestrator
Fender Rhodes Mark I electric piano (Suitcase 73)
Fender Rhodes Mark I electric piano (Stage 88)
Wurtlizer electric piano
Access Virus TI Snow Synthesizer
Akai EP3 Digital Piano (Weighted/Hammer Keys)
Waldorf Pulse+

Gibson Les Paul 1958 Historic Custom Reissue
Gibson ES-335 (1968)
Gibson SG (1961)
Fender Telecaster (1972)
Fender Stratocaster (1976)
Silvertone Guitar (Vintage)
Hofner Hollowbody Guitar
Rickenbacker Guitar
Guitar Research w/ 1962 Fender Stratocaster pickups
Martin D-15 acoustic guitar (6 strings)
Gibson Country & Western acoustic guitar (1968) 
Fender Jazz Bass (1969)
Fender Precision Bass
Kay Bass

Fender Bandmaster Reverb (1973)
Hiwatt DR-103 (1978)
Marshall JMP 100W - 4 Inputs (1978)
Fender Princeton (1968)
Supro Thunderbolt (1964)
Magnatone M10 (1964)
Loco 2201 (1966)
Selmer Guitar Amplifier
Custom 2x12 with Fane Speakers
Custom 1x12 Cabinet with 1964 Jensen (Fender Deluxe) speaker
Acoustic 220 Bass Head
Acoustic 220 Cabinet
Ampeg V4B Amp (1973)
Ampeg SVT-410HE cabinet
Leslie Pedal for Leslie 122
Custom Guitar Isolation box (80db reduction)

Various Modern & Vintage Percussions


henry portrait.jpeg

I began my career in Berlin, Germany, in 1977, as a studio and session piano player. I did live gigs and played every day in the studio which taught me a lot about the inside world of recording studios. I came back to New York and opened up my first studio in my apartment where I learned engineering from working on anything and anyone’s music. I then moved to Hoboken and opened Waterfront Studios. I recorded every band in the area and began to improve my audio skills. I also began to question the sound of music and developed a strong interest in vintage recording equipment (consoles, microphones, outboard) and techniques which was quite unusual in a time when everybody else seemed to care much more about drum machines, digital synthesizers, exciters and samplers. In 1985, I met a young Lenny Kravitz which kicked off a musical partnership that lasted for more than 25 years. As well as recording all of Lenny’s hits (It Ain’t Over, Are You Gonna Go My Way, Again, American Woman, Let Love Rule, Always on the Run, Lady, I’ll Be Waiting...), I have also recorded songs for Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, four #1 albums in Japan, Vanessa Paradis’ #1 album in France, and Madonna’s #1 single "Justify My Love".

I believe that the current interest about vintage equipment and recording techniques from classic albums would be different if Lenny and I hadn’t pioneered the reintroduction of classic gear and sound to the recording process.
— Henry Hirsch



I would say that my career has been solely focused on one thing: finding great songs. I started as a bass player and through the many iterations of life, I am now mostly behind the scenes as producer, arranger, A&R and music publisher.

There is nothing more ephemeral yet eternal than a song. It’s the blood of the music business and still today I’m amazed that a simple combination of lyrics and music becomes the foundation for everything else that follows: the album, the live shows, etc.
— Olivier Chastan

I have been working in music for 15 years and songs that I have worked on have been featured on over 30 million albums. I would say that my talent is in in picking the best material, arranging and structuring the song and, in general, helping artists bring a song from idea to recording.

I have worked with a wide range of artists include platinum albums by No Doubt, Akon, Black Eyed Peas, Moby, Pearl Jam, Sean Paul, Rihanna, Damian Marley, and Jay-Z among others. When not in the studio, I'm an executive at INgrooves Music Group where I run the rights management division. I am a Grammy and Brit Awards member.


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